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Company Profile
For its global customer base, PEC offers solutions and expertise in:

Energy Storage Devices

- Battery Testing
- Laboratory Automation in Battery Testing Labs
- LiION Cell Manufacturing

Cash Operations of Central Banks

- Automated Vaults
- Cash Center Automation
- Cash Management Systems

Our commitment to these global markets and PEC’s continued R&D efforts, have resulted in a significant growth in all major economical regions.

Founded in 1984, PEC is now headquartered in Leuven, Belgium with R&D and project management groups in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, the United States, China and Japan.

Our company is staffed with highly educated experts in different technological and functional domains :

- Robotics
- Material Handling
- Power Electronics
- Embedded Controls
- Software Development (.Net - Oracle)
- IT Security

This multidisciplinary skill matrix forms the core of PEC’s technological leadership, and creates substantial competitive advantages for our customers, in terms of quality, reliability and
operational cost.

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