PEC Technology Days 2019

Battery testing and

Cell Manufacturing Solutions      Cononut Creek, FL

March 29

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Morning Session: PEC Testing Solutions
9:30 am – 12:30 pm)

    • Welcome
      Raf Goossens, CEO PEC
    • Keynote
      Prof. Rachid Yazami, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore
      Founding Director of the KVI PTE LTD
    • The High Performance Cell Test Lab in an Industry 4.0 World
      Mr. Peter Ulrix, VP Sales and Marketing PEC

      The continuous race in Li-ION cell development and scale up from material research to large format cells requires battery test labs to be more efficient, automated and organized to manage and analyze Big Data. In this presentation we will focus to the key requirements for such labs in terms of system architecture, data management and analysis capabilities, safety requirements and the necessary accuracy and speed to achieve the newest trends in cell testing.
    • New Product Announcement: PEC 150V Module Tester
      Mr. Stef Leemans, Sr. Product Manager PEC

      PEC is announcing its next generation module tester. This machine will be the successor of the SBTXX50 range of machines offering an extended voltage and current capability.
    • Coffee Break
    • Large Format Cell Testing with PEC’s ACT0550 and CT0550
      Mr. Peter Ulrix, VP Sales and Marketing PEC

      Peter Ulrix will introduce PEC Cell Testing solutions and system architecture, including the latest
      features and developments.
    • Demonstration of the ACT0550 Cell Tester and its Accuracy
      Mr. Stef Leemans, Sr. Product Manager PEC

      Stef Leemans will show the complete test cycle starting from test configuration to reporting including demonstration of accuracies, rise times and stability of the PEC test equipment. During the demonstration Stef Leemans will also show the latest new software features in the LifeTest software.
    • Demonstration of PEC’s LifeTest Test Management Software
      Mr. Dieter D’Hoker, Sr. Project Manager PEC

      Dieter D’Hoker will demonstrate how you can use LifeTest to plan and execute your test plans, analyze test data, integrate climate chambers, schedule aging events, communicate with BMS systems, automatically validate results and compare your results from different test bench suppliers.
  • Lunch

Biography speakers

Afternoon Session: PEC Cell Manufacturing Solutions
(13:30 pm – 16:30 pm)

  • Cell Finishing – The underestimated cost and performance factor
    Mr. Raf Goossens, CEO PEC

    The cell finishing process is the most costly and critical process during cell manufacturing. The forming of a homogeneous Solid Electrolyte Interface (SEI) is key for the future cell performance and cycle life but often underestimated. The upcoming new silicone based electrodes make the process even more challenging and critical. In this presentation we will discuss how to optimize cell performance with maximum safety, against a reduced manufacturing cost.
  • Automating your Cell Finishing Operations
    Mr. Peter Ulrix, VP Sales and Marketing PEC

    This presentation elaborates further on the specific automated cell finishing solutions for different cell types, including large format pouch type cells, prismatic hard case cells, cylindrical cells and batteries for medical and wearable devices.
  • Validation of new cells on the Formation Station
    Mr. Stef Leemans, Sr. Product Manager PEC

    During this presentation Stef Leemans will show you how PEC validates new cell types on our formation stations. He will explain how we test and validate contact resistance, homogeneity of the pressure distribution between the cells and temperature consistency of the cells during the formation cycles.
  • Manufacturing Safety
    Mr. Stef Leemans, Sr. Product Manager PEC

    Safety is the key word in PEC’s automated cell finishing lines. The whole system has been designed to prevent and mitigate risks related to cell malfunctions, thermal runaways, cell leakages, network failures, PC crashes and even the formation equipment itself.
  • Demonstration of PEC’s Manufacturing Software
    Mr. Dieter D’Hoker, Sr. Project Manager PEC

    Dieter D’Hoker will show the complete software cycle starting from process and routing configuration, over process control to reporting including demonstration of the PEC formation towers.
  • Cocktail
Prof. Rachid Yazami

Prof. Rachid Yazami

Yazami is a 1978 graduate of the Grenoble Institute of Technology,(INPG) where he also received a Ph. D. degree in 1985.

Yazami is the co-author involved in over 200 published papers and the co-inventor of over 150 patents related to lithium primary and rechargeable batteries and on new battery chemistry based on fluoride ion.

Yazami’s research project included a study of graphite intercalation compounds for lithium battery applications. In 1985 he joined the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) as Research Associate. He was later promoted to Research Director (Professor) position in 1998. In 1980 Yazami was the first scientist to establish the reversible intercalation of lithium into graphite in an electrochemical cell using a polymer electrolyte. Eventually, his discovery led to the lithium-graphite anode now used in commercial lithium ion batteries, an over US$40B value market. Yazami also worked on other forms of graphite materials for cathode application in lithium batteries, including graphite oxide and graphite fluoride.

After serving for 10 years as visiting associate with the California Institute of technology, in collaboration with NASA’s JPL, Yazami joined the Nanyang Technological University as Director of the Energy Storage Programs. Currently, he is the Founding Director of the KVI PTE LTD a startup company on smart batteries.

In 2014 Rachid Yazami, John Goodenough, Yoshio Nishi and Akira Yoshino were awarded the Draper Prize by The National Academy of Engineering for pioneering and leading the groundwork for today’s lithium ion battery.

Yazami received the Royal Medal (Wissam Malaki) of Intellectual Competency from HM the King of Morocco Mohamed VI, during the Throne Day on July 30, 2014.
On July 14, 2014 Yazami was awarded the title of Chevalier de la Legion of honor of France. In March 2017 he received the Honors Award of the Moroccans of the World.
In November 2018, Yazami was elected the Arab Scientist of the Year an award he received in Kuwait City.

Mr. Raphael (Raf) Goossens

Mr. Raphael (Raf) Goossens

After a short technical career with ST system, Raf became co-founder and CEO from PEC. After a few years in Robotics and industrial IT, with IBM as a shareholder, PEC started to involve in the Battery industry during the late eighties. Since then the Company has gradually more and more focused to battery test and manufacturing. As a consultant and system provider, Raf was involved in the early stage of the development of the Battery industry in Korea in the mid-nineties (Samsung) and has been working with most leading battery Manufacturers, worldwide. Besides his technical skills, Raf is a Manager and Director in several companies in Europe, The United States and Asia. Raf is a frequent speaker at leading conferences and holds MSc. degree in Electrical Engineering.

Mr. Peter Ulrix

Mr. Peter Ulrix

Peter Ulrix started his career at PEC in 1992 and has held different management roles in the development, sales and marketing of PEC’s industry solutions. Peter has more than 20 years experience in battery testing and cell manufacturing. He has a strong background in manufacturing systems, including MES, ERP, quality control, material handling and logistics. Peter graduated as a MSc. in Industrial Engineering, and currently holds the position of Vice President Sales and Marketing at PEC.

Mr. Stef Leemans

Mr. Stef Leemans

Stef joined PEC in 2006. Stef started his career with PEC in the sales division, where he worked on the international sales and marketing of PEC’s test and formation systems. Stef is currently Senior Product Manager at PEC and has been working with all major battery makers and OEM’s. He is an expert in Cell Formation and Testing. Stef has Master degrees in Mechatronics and Finance.

Mr. Dieter D'Hoker

Mr. Dieter D'Hoker

Dieter Joined PEC in 2008.
From the start of his career with PEC, Dieter worked as Software Engineer in different industrial automation projects worldwide and currently is the Senior Software Expert at PEC. Dieter has been working with all major battery makers and is a specialist in Cell Formation and Testing. Dieter has Master degrees in Applied Computer Science and Applied Economics.

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