COVID-19 – PEC Business Continuity

March 19, 2020


The Corona virus has an enormous impact on our daily lives.

Not only privately but also in business we daily face new unexpected challenges.

The safety of our employees, partners and customers is our priority and that is why our EU locations, temporary and mainly operate from our home offices.
For technical and logistic reasons, a limited number of employees, however still is physical present at our EU offices and manufacturing sites.

For the time being PEC North America/PEC Japan are still operating as usual, but we expect to face similar situations there soon.
The great news is that after the COVID-19 interruptions, our factory in China is fully operational again.

It is clear that this force majeure will create inconvenience and delays but we nevertheless, would like to stress that PEC as a team is operational, working hard to keep all its commitments and continues to serve you to the maximum possible.

  • Our after sales department is available through our normal support channels and continues to offer the same level of service as before.
  • Travel bans and other Government ordonnances however may prohibit on-site interventions while air travel is limited available.
  • Our Manufacturing is 100% up and running while we are still facing ‘logistic delays’ due to limited (air)freight capacity from China to Europe and the US. We moreover will start working at a new, additional PEC manufacturing location in Tatabánya Hungary very soon (planned April 1).
  • All our Administration, HR, logistics shippings/receiving remain fully operational.
  • Our sales team is reachable via telephone and email. They remain available for you and will support you with conference calls, web meetings or online demonstrations.

We continue to monitor developments on a daily basis to ensure business continuity while putting the safety of our employees, partners and customers first.
Nobody has a clear view or timing to the end of this crisis but total the recovery of our Chinese operations make us very hopeful.

I most of all, wish all of you a healthy survival of this unseen global crisis, do not hesitate to contact me directly when questions.

Thank you,

Raf Goossens