PEC Announces new SBT15060 Module Tester

November 28, 2019

PEC announced its new SBT15060 module tester.

PEC has a long tradition in accurate high power testing. PEC’s wide range of cell test and formation equipment serves the full product life cycle of EV and HEV large format cells, starting from the initial stages of R&D, over validation and mass production

The SBT is a 16-Channel Battery Tester, ideal for testing and evaluating (P)(H)EV as well as industrial battery modules and packs, up to 150 Volt. Our equipment is designed for both laboratory and production scale applications, including End of-Line testing.

By adding more test systems to the same network, the number of channels can easily be expanded.


Precision and Speed

Preparing a test can be done off-line on an existing desktop PC, running our LifeTest™  application. The End User can configure the specific test regime with individual charging or discharging steps, loops, jumps, subroutines, end conditions,… For complex cycles, the software allows single-click imports via preformatted CSV files.

The system supports current, voltage, power and resistive based loads, with a minimum pulsing width of 1 msec. The SBT system will give you ultra fast switching capabilities between charging and discharging modes, guaranteeing you the accuracy you need.

Every channel is independent, microprocessor-controlled and features a dynamic electronic load to obtain a very high accuracy, reliability and flexibility. Using CAN bus interface the unit can communicate with the battery module or pack to obtain additional data, such as the individual cell voltages and temperatures.

Our test system captures all heat losses into the cooling water. The dissipated heat in the cooling water is evacuated directly outside the laboratory for a sustainable working space, free from noise and excess heat.

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