LifeTest Lab管理ソフトウェア




  • ライフサイクルテスト
  • ドライブサイクルシミュレーション
  • 安全性テスト
  • Hardware-In-the-Loop ECUテスト(HIL)


  • 恒温槽(CSZ、ESPEC、Votsch…)
  • 補助測定装置(デジタルおよびアナログ入出力、温度、圧力…)
  • バッテリー管理システム



  • PECテスト結果
  • PEC外テスト結果(自動インポートおよび変換後)


  • 充電/放電グラフ
  • サイクルデータ
  • プロット
  • レポート




Our LifeTest Laboratory Management System is offering complete functionality for small, medium and large scale testing facilities, supporting them in their round-the-clock Quality Control operations, with a fully integrated workflow.

LifeTest is an on-premise server managed application, scheduling all lab operations and organizing test results in a single data warehouse. Operators are instructed with the right information; researchers will find their information faster with a few simple mouse clicks.

Our software supports all PEC test equipment and has off-the-shelve interfaces to home-grown systems and third-party solutions (e.g. climate chambers, other battery testers).
This 3rd party and home-grown battery test equipment can be controlled by and integrated into our LifeTest Laboratory Management software. This integration allows the customer to only use our LifeTest software to manage the battery test laboratory, and results in a corporate wide approach for organizing and managing your test labs around the world.