CT0550 Cell Test System

High Volume Test Equipment
The CT0550 is a 80-Channel Battery Tester, ideal for testing and evaluating cells. This test equipment is used for high volume testing such as repetitive cycling, incoming goods inspection and validation.

Preparing a test can be done off-line on an existing desktop PC, running our LifeTest™ application. The End User can configure the specific test by means of an Event Table. The PC communicates with the Battery Tester over Ethernet to load the test conditions and upload the measurement data.

Every channel is independent and uses a POWER MOSFET to obtain a very high accuracy, reliability and flexibility. Every group of 5 channels is controlled with 1 microprocessor. Tests can be started per group of 5 channels. 80 channels of 5V, 50A are mounted in 1 test rack.

The system comes standard with 2 current ranges, that are automatically switched. Optionally, you can add analog and digital in- and outputs to the system via the auxiliary I/O modules of 8 slots each (e.g. temperature sensors, voltage inputs, pressure sensors, digital output, …)

The system supports current, voltage, power and resistive based loads, with a minimum pulsing width of 10 msec. Our CT0550 system will give you ultra fast switching capabilities between charging and discharging modes, guaranteeing you the accuracy you need.


  • 80 Independent 5 V/50 A channels per rack
  • 1 microprocessor per 5 channels
  • DYNAMIC linear electronic load
  • 2 automatic switched current ranges
  • Import of program with large number of steps for simulating complex power demand simulations (e.g. prime cycle simulating,…)
  • High accuracy of +/- 0.03% FSD
  • Ultra fast rise, fall and switching time between charging and discharging modes
  • Climate Chamber Control functionality
  • Autonomous calibration and temperature compensation guaranteeing extreme stability
  • Liquid cooling with central heat exchanger for accuracy and stability of high power
  • High speed communication with the LifeTest™ Operator computer for fast data retrieval
  • Fully programmable test profile in current, resistance power and voltage
  • Internal Resistance measurement (DC method)
  • Optional: auxiliary I/O such as Analog Voltage, Temperature & Digital input/analog Voltage and Digital Output (e.g. measuring cell temperature & individual cell voltages)