Lab Automation


PEC supplies standard equipment and software for automating operations in high volume test fields by integrating instrumentation, climate chambers and cell holders in a single solution.
The Integrated Cell Tester ICT0550 is the result of more than 30 years’ experience in automating lab operations in high volume test fields. It contains the equipment and tools for the lab operators to prepare, test and monitor the test stands for the scheduled cell tests.
The ICT0550 holds 3 individually controlled climate chambers. Depending on cell size and current requirements, each chamber can test up to 40 cells at 50A max, or its equivalent in parallel (e.g. 4 x 500A). The instrumentation is provided by using PEC’s CT0550 or ACT0550 test equipment.

Primary Test Equipment


The ICT0550 equipment is completely independent of the required currents and cell formats. This is handled at the level of the cell holders/pallets, which are used to prepare the cells for testing in the ICT0550.
PEC offers standard pallets for different cell types, including 46XXX cells, pouch type cells, prismatic cells…
Also, the parallelization system is flexible and allows the same equipment to be used for currents up to 1000A.
This flexibility represents an important investment protection as the current requirements and cell formats are continuously changing.

Highest Safety Standards

Each climate chamber is equipped with Hazard Level 6 safety features and fire protection. This includes, temperature, gas and smoke detectors, extraction vents, overpressure release valves, fire protective panels and optional fire extinguishing systems.

User Friendly Operations

Cells are prepared on cell specific pallets, which are docked in the chambers by the operators. This is done off-line on an ergonomic level, allowing the operator to easily connect contacts, sensors and eventual additional instrumentation, before moving the cells into a test chamber.
Using PEC’s LifeTest Lab Management Software the operators are guided through the whole process while guaranteeing traceability using a barcoding system.