Retail Order


At PEC we understand the needs of retailers, banks and cash processors.
We deliver end-to-end solutions for optimizing the whole cash cycle including the handling of cash deposits and payouts.

The real cost of cash is a determining factor in the further automation of the processes at POS, cash handling and processing. PEC is working with banks
worldwide to optimize these costs and achieve a zero-touch cash cycle, controlled by an end-to-end web based Cash Management System.

PEC’s offerings include Cash Containers, Standardized Cash Packs, Vault
Automation, Automated Pre and Post Processing, Automated Receiving and
Payout, Automated Sorting and Boxing and a Cash Management System to control the entire operations of the automated cash cycle.

As part of our solutions for retail cash processors, PEC offers an automated Retail Order Preparation system (ROP). Retail level cash orders are typically
combinations of smaller, mixed quantities of banknote straps, loose banknotes and coin rolls. At the same time these orders need to be completed precisely, in a secure and cost effective way.

Our Retail Order Preparation (ROP) machine fulfills these demands and offers
a scalable, compact and reliable solution for Cash Centers. Our solution can
operate as standalone equipment or as part of a complete cash processing and payout system.